I found this today. I knew there was some issue about the new Cal Cedar Blackwing pencils, but never in my life thought that this had happened.

I live in a vacuum occupied mostly with my own thoughts, I don't consume in the same way a lot of my friends do. I read for info and I'm not nosy about drama. Either way I missed this. It began with hype for me a few years back. I never really used the original very much. I liked them and all, but at the time they were around I could still get USA Made Mirado Black Warriors. Them are gone, too.

Either way I was excited to get to try the NEW Blackwings. I never realized that the purists would strip it of joy.

I own a few boxes of these new, Blackwing tributes and I think they're fine pencils. I like quite a bit of the stuff CalCedar offers, notably the Golden Beear line, I prefer these as I prefer US made stuff. Still, not my point.

I never for a second, in all of my un-initiated way that these were the same pencils. I never felt deceived by the advertising or the hype. I though it was fun. Hell, it sounds a lot like Steinbeck's Blackwing 602 wasn't even what they had at the end, from things I've read and knowing that Eberhard Faber changed hands a few times.

I have some Eberhard Faber pencils, I like them. That's all. Theses aren't my favorite. I would love to get my fingers on one of the originals to see for myself if the hype is real, but not at the current prices they're going for.

For me, for now, I'm just pleased that these are out there.


I write. A lot.

I do. Most of it in notebooks on pencil. I have so very many blogs saved and I update most of them every blue moon. But in between I write. A lot. Songs, papers for school, notes to self, ideas and even a few short stories and one play. This year I want to share that stuff.

A large impetus is that I can do this from phone or tablet and I have complwtely quit caring about the reception of my music or my writing. I've become comfortable being old and ridiculous. I will cross link, but for know you can expect my thoughts on pencil amd paper. I just have to find the notebook I wrote itvour long hand in...


Redux take redux.

every few months I wake this up. This incarnation will still have the awesome and that, but also an outlet for stuff like my pencil, yo yo, instrument, knife and skateboard obsessions. Hell, I have a camera and a lot of pencils. I can write.

Game on.


Sorry, it's a bad writer who isn't writing.


RE that awesome movie posted below

as of this writing there are 6,814 views. I sincerely think this should blow up tremendously. Help.

Here's the direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ4VQt-UZKI
 Go ahead, cut and paste it. Do you need a reminder of the video?

Ok, Scots are as funny as Cats.

They just are:

The Steve Brown Ketchup. Jeebus I'm behind.

Day 30 (Slick)

Day 29

Day 28

Day 27 (the slo-mo on this is esp. brilliant.)

Day 26

Day 25 (finally something I might be able to do at some point.)

Day 24

Day 23 (had to watch this three times distracted by the dogs and trying to figure out what kinda guitar that was.)

Day 22

Day 21

Day 20 (the first in a series of bowties, records and counterweights, really an awesome thing remembered from the time he did all pullstarts and no throws and the world just didn't get it. I really didn't either at the time.)

Day 19 (I like the song a lot)

Day 18

Day 17:

F-ing Cats!

Has it really been this long? So sorry. Life got in the way, but I'm getting my feet back wet with the best thing in two weeks. People use the whole Laugh out loud thing pretty liberally, not me. I laugh on the inside and I'm proud of that. This one violated that trend.

Alt Religion @ About.com is pretty awesome. Especially Catherine Beyer.

Now to go catch up on the Steve Brown I promised. Look for that in a few.


Dolls have sex, but then so do priests. Oh, and Mr Rogers gets freaky.

So very much to be happy about. Yep. Yeppers.

Try 17 unfortunate screenshots on for size. A sample?

How about Ben Franklin's exhaustive list of sobriquets for being drunk.

Have you heard of Mariel Clayton? Neither had I, but she does dark and delightful things with dolls and then photographs them. Another example:

Really screw around on that one, there's just so much to love. It's more serious and much darker at times. Overall, really lovely stuff. 

As long as we're on the subject of unspeakable things and darkness, The Catholic Church remains as corrupt and evil a thing as when (note: both these links are to info about AntiPope John XXIII, but there are a great many more examples I will one day put elsewhere) they sold indulgences and had evil popes. I think they still do. This is absolutely no shock, I know. It's nice to have their absolute horror of a soul on display, however. You know what you're dealing with. Read this by Christopher Hitchens. He's a wonderful writer and very smart dude. 

You know IMDB. Someone went one better. Behold: the IMFDB. The Internet Movie Firearm Data Base. So you don't have to wonder who's packing what and where.

And so, in closing: here's what 8-bit characters would look like if you ran into them at the Super Wal-Mart.Oh, and video. I always do video. Here's 37 seconds of awesome for you to post on your best bud's facebook walls:


As the snow falls beautifully I'm remembering.

I don' wanna write shit today....but if the intertubes was drought for 5 days, today they can haz awesome.

Meanwhile my wife is throwing things away and lending no heed to whose.

Apparently The Golden Globes were a big deal and Ricky Gervais was awesome but got canned. To me? The great thing was this:

Nope, still hot.

Speaking of the fairer sex, I'm gonna keep putting Mustang Halle's stuff up here. Today she talks about post coitum triste. Yup, crying after fucking.

I'm trying not to be all schadenfreude about The Steve Jobs thing. Get better, Steve. Fold your shit company.

LBJ Said Bunghole.

Put This On: LBJ Buys Pants from Put This On on Vimeo.

In the "I'm not surprised" department, apparently Playboy kinda missed the point on female circumcision.  The video is Rabbitwrite.

I'm not gonna get any longer, but It is MLK Jr. Day and I would be remiss not to tribute via the internet tributes.

The Awl posted - without comment - the very best.

Because Nina is amazing. It's gonna be alright. And I am typically most moved by Jay Smooth. Here, he quotes Dr. King on extremism:

Remember. Remember. Never forget.

I have a dream, too. I dream of a world where great men are no longer the exception but the rule. Until then, sleep well, Dr. King. This world misses you very much.

And Remember.....

I just like to remind the world that I don't tell everyone every time I post.

Comics, Slave Leia and Muppets with People Eyes.

I have been quiet...not that I haven't needed this. Thursday I was just down and didn't do anything and then Friday I played and then Last night I was a vegetable...but I am reading. Sorry, nothing scintillating for today. I've done a shit ton of practicing and it's kinda showing. That's been the therapy for the last four or five days.

But I'm back with a purpose. This is a quick shot of awesome. I don't know how they did it, but you, too can have your mind blown in 17 seconds.

Yes, there will always be star wars here. And not just Slave Leia. Although, why not?

There's been frightfully little making me oooh on the internets the last few days, but I always keep a few things for days like these. One is a graphic novel I started reading that's entirely online. And really great. These are a couple of the comics I read with regularity:

XKCD, but you read that, too.

And for beauty and WTF I go for Ectopiary. It is absolutely gorgeous.

But I know not all of you will love comics, but I suspect all of you will love 

Catch up on Steve Brown Vids.

Ok, starting at the most recent:

Now to watch them all.



It Got Re-posted and it's still the best thing on two wheels!

Today's Steve Brown Vid

I like the tie. I'm trying to dress better.

via http://www.365yoyotricks.com/

Some funny stuff, some porn news, a hot chick with a nekkid butt and a dude with his shirt off.

Welcome to the 180th post here at the Stone Orchard. The big news? I found the second funniest man in America. I'm not sure if I should share him or not. Well, just a little:

He's Doogie Horner. This is him being awesome:

It's only second to Jack Black doing an interview for Saving Silverman that apparently the internet has not deigned to record. But man, it was fucking hilarious.

They're doing a porn parody of the Simpsons. That needed to happen. Here's the trailer:

That's deranged. Seems that porn parodies are all the rage. Fun stuff. I like pop culture. And Porn. Speaking of dirty movies, Sarah Palin went ahead and apologized for her.......nah. She claimed blood libel. Of course she did. Unbeknownst to her, that pissed off Jews everywhere. Of course she didn't realize it. I refuse to link to the video, but you can catch it here - with some of the best commentary on it I've found.

Last up...there's a young lady who plans on loosing her virginity on video. (Link NSFW) Her parents must be proud. 21 year old Nicki Blue plans on taking it from three dudes for her first time. I guess the obvious thing to criticize would be her morals, but I prefer a strong criticism of the definition of virginity and the social ramifications. (link decidedly NSFW).

Since I've begun pandering by posting hot chicks (well, returned to pandering since I started out doing this) here's one.

You're welcome. To be fair, here's something for the fairer sex. I hope he's hot:
(The space is so I don't confuse some guys, if you're already into something and then a hot dude shows up, some guys worry they might be gay)
You might be better off if you are gay to just admit it, really, it's cool. This guy was in the Britney Spears "Womanizer" video

I just googled "Hot Dude" and went with one of the first ones without an exposed penis. He looks pretty hot to me.

Thanks for stopping in. 

I have no idea what is going on here.

EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.

I know it's NSFW, what with all the boobies and such.

But it's pretty awesome.


I had to post today.

The date is too awesome not to. Either way Today's Steve Brown Trick is tight as hell.

I hope by now you go straight to the source.

Other stuff? You should know how to solder. I need to solder better. My sharpening is coming along. I'm pretty solid with the chisels.

Otherwise...in life I'm getting ideas. I had a day being pretty tense about posts on my damn facebook wall...I wonder how much of that has to do with everything coming to my phone - not that I read content there unless I'm waiting somewhere. The phone will just keep vibrating in my pocket and that makes me pissy and then I tell everyone to shut up.

Oh, on Tuesdays I give songs away. If you want it go here and if you wanna stay in touch with the music guy KT go here.

That was borderline bitching. Here's some awesome:

Every so often we need to have a sexy chick on the blog. It's good for search rankings and morale. 
If you want a vid for the day, check out what this guy can do with a bandsaw:

I can't make a birdhouse. And that's fucking freehand.

Last up, two awesome pictures without any explanation whatsoever:

Happy 1/11/11!

again, without comment.